Today fibromyalgia has set me free to…

Launch a petition asking for the wording on the UK EU referendum ballot and in the campaigns to be changed to IN or OUT.

Actually, this petition has taken me a whole week to execute and been playing on my mind for many more weeks. But today it has gone live at

Without fibromyalgia I wouldn’t have had the time to be proactive about something I feel so strongly about. I probably would have had the same reaction to the language being used in this referendum, thought something should be done and then carried on with my daily life.

And, more importantly, I wouldn’t have understood the difficulties people with dyslexia have in their own daily lives. Having experienced fibro fog, I have developed greater empathy with those who struggle with words. I already had a good awareness of these difficulties from my career as an English teacher, but having fibromyalgia has slowed me down and allowed me to work with students who have dyslexia and other learning differences on a one-to-one basis as a private tutor. My work as an A’Level English Literature examiner has also highlighted to me how reading and writing under stress can increase those difficulties.

I am also in the process of changing careers from teaching to editing and, as such, currently have the privilege of working with an author who has dyslexia on a book about dyslexia.

Those of us with fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses all experience, from time to time, the difficulties those who have dyslexia have to deal with; so please have a look at my petition, sign and share it. Together we can do something positive today.

Fsmf blog pics - 1 of 1 (33)

Positively living with fibromyalgia

Thankful for having the time  and compassion to do something that matters.




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