Diet and the ‘F’ word: Food, Fibromyalgia or …

How my Post-Christmas Flare-up inspired changes to my diet

I’ve realised that I am in denial about the extent of my most recent flare-up. It’s perfectly normal for me to have a post-Christmas flare-up, no matter how much I try to pace myself, keep everything calm and allow for recovery time.

This year’s flare-up wasn’t as severe as in past years but still had a huge impact.

I noticed a rash on my chest a few days before Christmas and, thinking I was allergic to some new body lotion, thought nothing of it. The spots worsened and spread and it was decided that I had chickenpox. This proved useful after Christmas Day and Boxing Day, as I cancelled all social engagements and then postponed returning to work.

However, the spots didn’t develop into classic chickenpox and, four weeks after the first rash appeared, I saw my GP, who diagnosed gut-ache psoriasis.

During this time I had a number of severe migraines. I usually suffer from migraines when I am trying to push through prolonged periods of that dull-creeping pain fibromyalgia sufferers are so familiar with, so alarm bells rang.

I began to realise this was quite a major flare-up, especially when I started dropping things.

It had been a year since my last major flare-up. I know the weather affects me, as do the demands of the Christmas period, but I thought there had to be something more.

Coincidentally, I had begun following some fibromyalgia related sites on Facebook and saw a post about food that interested me. A few clicks and this very straightforward and clear food brochure was on my screen. A quick scan and I realised that I had made a significant change to my diet over the last 2 months: I’d started eating bread (although not very much and often rye), pastry and POTATOES. I’ve often removed potatoes from my diet, regardless of fibromyalgia, and always felt better for it. But they had slowly crept back in, until I felt bloated and lethargic, so I banished them again. This I thought was a whim, but the evidence from this brochure has convinced me that this time they must go for good.

You are what you eat

2oth century proverb

Managing Fibromyalgia
The first steps to becoming a Fibro-Foodie



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