Diet and the ‘F’ word: Food, Fibromyalgia or … 2

Changes to my diet have had a positive effect on my fibromyalgia symptoms

Weight Loss

The first truly noticeable improvements in my fibromyalgia symptoms followed two changes in diet: the first for weight loss and the second was a predominantly gluten free diet, which developed after discovering my daughter had a gluten intolerance.

One of the most devastating effects of having fibromyalgia for me was weight gain. With the exception of pregnancy and when I was first premenopausal, my weight had never been more than 5lbs more than my ideal weight and I have never been classified as over weight.

Within a year of my symptoms developing, and I believe, largely though inactivity, I had gained 2 ½ stones and 3 dress sizes.

I soon realised that this was not only affecting my self-esteem but my physical ability to move my body.

Having some knowledge of food nutrition from my training in Catering and Hospitality management, and being married to a chef, I decided to research weight-loss diets. I wouldn’t normally have considered losing weight without exercising, but when you have fibromyalgia there’s little that can be done ‘normally’.

After much research I settled on The Dukan Diet. This diet suited me for several reasons: I love French food, I love fresh fish and shellfish, I love red meat and game, I love vegetables, I love eggs and I rather like cooking.

Initial results were very good and I lost 1 ½ stone but I didn’t follow the programme all the way through – probably because of losing momentum over Christmas and the need to cook different food for my family, who didn’t want to lose weight at this time.

The other difficulty for someone with fibromyalgia was the need to walk for 30 minutes each day. When I first began The Dukan Diet I was unable to walk for longer than 10 minutes. With the help of my motivators, I managed to increase this to 25 minutes, so long as I walked really slowly.

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Ozzie and Holly – My Motivators

Although I was still 1 stone over weight, I experienced an enormous improvement. Focusing on the diet had also made me focus on being able to walk for longer periods of time. This extra activity relieved some of the stiffness. Pain and stiffness are unbearable, but pain with only a little stiffness is more bearable and this made me feel more optimistic. In addition, I was now able to manage trips to the supermarket without having to sit and wait for my husband to go round with the trolley. Life was returning.

Managing Fibromyalgia

The first steps to becoming a Fibro-Foodie



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