Diet and the ‘F’ word: Food, Fibromyalgia or … 3

Changes to my diet have had a positive effect on my fibromyalgia symptoms-


Shortly after I had completed The Dukan Diet and begun to reintroduce certain foods to my diet, our daughter became quite ill and was thought to be gluten intolerant. So, to encourage her to eat a gluten free diet, I also started eating a gluten free diet. And for some unknown reason, we also substituted potatoes with sweet potatoes and celeriac.

Once again, there was a massive improvement in my symptoms.

All grown up and with an exciting new job our daughter left home. And slowly, ever so slowly, the old eating habits returned: meat and potatoes, pasta and pastry dishes once again became the norm.

So now having seen this food brochure, I am going to use what I learned from The Dukan Diet and gluten free diet, and avoid the foods that were most obviously having a negative effect on my symptoms.

I would also add that after our daughter left home and my symptoms had worsened again, I was recommended a naturopath, Martin Budd who is the author of Why am I so EXHAUSTED? understanding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. His research had also proven the effects of diet on fibromyalgia symptoms. Once again the advice followed the principles of The Dukan Diet and was also, largely gluten free, but without the aim of weight loss. He also recommended foods rich in iron, which again, can be found in The Dukan Diet. Interestingly, I was advised to avoid processed foods containing refined sugar and hydrogenated oils, as they would have a negative impact on my symptoms. In general, Martin Budd recommended a Mediterranean Diet and, if consuming fat, to use full fat such as butter rather than spreads, as the body is more able to recognise these foods.

This I followed for 3-4 months, in conjunction with taking recommended supplements for iron deficiency, thyroid issues and to support my adrenal system and felt the best I have felt since developing fibromyalgia.

However, this style of eating can be expensive, as can the supplements. Financial circumstances intervened and, in an attempt to cut costs, bread, potatoes, pasta and pastry returned to my diet.

Once again, I had undone all of the good that had come with changing my diet. A false economy you might say.

So, as from now, I shall follow a diet that I know improves my symptoms and this time I shall stick to it.

Look out for my new Food Diary Posts including dishes, ingredients and recipes.

Feel free to try, comment and share.

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