Food Diary: let’s start with the first meal of the day-breakfast


Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper.

Adelle Davis (1904 – 1974)

Good nutritional advice for many but not good advice for someone with fibromyalgia, unless you have someone to cook you a Full English everyday and provide room service. We need to keep it simple.

For weeks I have been recording what I eat, taking photos and experimenting with new recipes and in the excitement and turmoil I have found myself lost in the woods with no clear way of expressing any of this in my blog. How to present photos, recipes, ideas and where to share them, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and so on and on and on: I find myself suffering from technological overwhelm and, of course, brain fog.

Good job then that the changes I’ve made to my diet are having the desired effects and other fibro symptoms are improving. With this reassuring thought in mind I have decided to keep things simple and begin at the beginning, with breakfast.

I rarely vary my breakfast. My body discovered it liked oatbran everyday when I first tried the Dukan Diet. For most of the year I have a simple, oatbran porridge for breakfast. I didn’t particularly like the galettes in the Dukan Recipe book so I added my daily portion of oatbran to other things, until my very good friend Suzanne Earwicker, told me that she made a porridge that resembled Ready-Brek. At first, I couldn’t bring myself to try it – I hated Ready-Brek as a child, probably because we often made it in a microwave. Anyway, eventually I had a go at making it, found the consistency that I liked and have stuck with it ever since.

I make my porridge by putting 4 dessert spoons of oatbran in a saucepan. I then cover with the milk of my choice, which at the moment is skimmed milk (This is because I am using quite a bit of fat, as in butter, cream and olive oil, in other areas of my diet.) Stir to the boil, reduce heat and simmer. I like a slightly runny, smooth consistency-just so that there’s still some movement in it. Serve with a little extra cold milk, honey or maple syrup and a handful of berries.

Breakfast – Oatbran Porridge with Raspberries, Blueberries and Honey

If you are following the weight loss part of the Dukan Diet then you will need to use skimmed milk and only add sweetener. Otherwise you can add anything you like. Stewed apple is rather nice and a great way to use up surplus apples. I choose the berries because they fit the dietary guidance from Martin Budd, my naturopath, that helps with my iron stores. Maple syrup makes a good alternative to honey.

The only time I vary this breakfast is in warmer weather or when on holiday in a hot country – just don’t want porridge in the heat. I still consume my 4 dessert spoons of oatbran but this time I add them to plain yoghurt: creamy, Greek yoghurt is my favourite and, again, I add fresh fruit and honey. I always travel with my pillow and a pot of oatbran sufficient for my stay.


I have been eating oatbran daily now for quite a few years and do have a particular favourite. I’m not normally influenced by brands and have therefore tried many supermarket own brands and unspecified oatbrans from health food shops, but I have to say the Mornflake variety is so good that I buy it in bulk whenever I’m in a shop that sells it.

This breakfast has the added advantage of fitting in with the philosophy of Love Food Hate Waste for which I am a volunteer champion. The oats store well in a kilner type jar or tupperware container, you can make as much or as little as you need and, if you are adding fruit toppings, you can make use of stewed or left-over fruits.

Perfect fibro-foodie breakfast


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