Food Diary Week 1 – Morning Coffees

In this series of posts Sally shares the first stages of her lifestyle change to a gluten-free, potato-free and low-sugar diet, as one of the ways to manage her fibromyalgia symptoms.

This post focuses on her latest obsession – Morning Coffee

Coffee-time, Tuesday morning and I was eager to see how well the Chocolate Olive Oil cake had stored over-night – I wasn’t disappointed. I was elated. Moist, chocolatey and just firm enough to cut a slice and remove it from the tin with ease. This is not a ‘pick me up and eat me’ cake. It definitely requires a spoon or fork.



A perfect excuse for me to celebrate this moment with my ancestors and serve my slice of cake on a plate from a service inherited from my great-aunt on my mother’s side and a pastry fork from a set given me by a great-aunt on my father’s side. These two wonderful women had been a huge part of my childhood. The latter had been an amazing cook, who probably deserves a whole post to herself.

So I have coffee, cake and some wistful mindfulness that hasn’t been interrupted by an awareness of any of my fibro-symptoms and I realise that focusing on the food I am putting in my body is working at a far deeper level than nutrition alone. I like it.

I have a slight variation on Wednesday: black Americano rather than cappuccino. Sometimes my body says, ‘no milk’ and I listen.

Thursday morning, there’s coffee but NO CAKE! I had shared it with other family members and there was none left.

I seem to be fixating on morning coffee and perhaps I should explain.

Firstly, my early career was in the Hospitality Industry, mostly within Food and Beverage departments. When you begin a shift at 6am you are in full need of a morning coffee break and ours used to consist of coffee and pastries leftover from breakfast. Having said that, my morning coffee obsession probably goes back even further to a family tradition of ‘elevenses’. I spent much of my non-school time with my ‘greats and grands’ – aunties, uncles and grandparents when I was growing up and, no matter who I was with, everything stopped at 11am for a drink and a biscuit. Bring ‘elevenses’ to 10.20 am – morning break on most schools’ timetables and, at this time I’m in my thirties and a teacher, I’m certainly ready for coffee and a sugar fix.

On a more serious nutritional and dietary note, I learned many years ago that my body likes regular, small meals spaced throughout the day. Failure to give my body what it likes results in severe migraines. Morning coffee is one of those meals. It also seems ironic that I’m fixating on sugar when I’m supposedly following a low-sugar diet. Well that’s exactly it – with the exception of some berries and a little honey on my breakfast and the occasional dessert, I eat very little sugar. And, now that I don’t eat gluten or potatoes, I feel the need for a little something sweet in my day. Now all I need is little variety. Think I’ll try a lemon polenta cake next week.

Fibro-foodie – enjoying food and listening to my body to help manage my symptoms.

Positively living with fibromyalgia


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