Do you ever just forget you have fibromyalgia and act instinctively?

Holly and me at Milford Beach
Friday 13 May 2016, I had one of those moments. Actually I didn’t forget I had fibromyalgia, but I was the only one who could rescue my dog and motivator, Holly. So, after briefly thinking, “How on earth am I going to get down there?” and “I’m going to suffer for this!”I climbed down the rocks.
Who would have thought that within three weeks of these photos being taken I would have to rescue Holly from being trapped between the rocks?

Holly and Ozzie swimming at the place where Holly became trapped less than three weeks later
This time the tide was out, it had just stopped raining but there was a rumble of thunder in the distance and with four hops Holly was at the shore line. As she tried to climb back up the rocks she couldn’t get enough grip to pull herself up and ended up trapped in a pool of water among the lower rocks – a very distraught Holly and a somewhat incredulous Mummy.

“Would I be that stupid?”
Of came my coat and I cautiously climbed down the immensely slippery rocks, walked along the shore a little way to where she was patiently waiting for me. Once I had a hold of her scruff she, very graciously, slid up onto a flat rock, shook herself, gave me a big cuddle and climbed back up the wall.
All that was left was for me to get back up the wall. At least she waited at the top and watched me until I was safe.
I would like to think that Holly has realised she is not invincible and how much her mummy loves her, but I think that realisation rests with me.

And, yes I am suffering now. Full doses of paracetamol and twice daily smotherings of ibruprofen gel. Sleepless nights, migraines and the agony that only a fibromyalgia sufferer can understand. All at a time when I have been carefully managing my baseline in preparation for six weeks’ full-time work next month, when the exam marking season begins. That will be another post entirely.

Oh, and Holly? – she’s just fine.

Hindered by my motivator but still –

Positvely living with fibromyalgia



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